AnandTech takes a look at the mobile market, laptops of the 14″ or more variety as opposed to the now well established ultramobile segment.  These models eschew the Atoms, Ions and Neos of the world in favour of the more powerful CPUs that are mobile varieties of desktop CPUs with full capabilities and integrated graphics chipsets that have seen large performance increases recently.  Still not all are created equally and Anand covers the gamut from a $900 Acer Aspire to a $1505 ASUS G73Jh that can game on a level comparable to many an enthusiasts desktop.  There are a lot of choices and laptops are capable of some comparatively impressive feats to the notebooks available only a year ago, so head on over and meet some of the best.

“The back-to-school season is coming and refreshed product lines are already starting to appear on store shelves. While Intel’s “Core 2010” line-up (i.e. Core i3/i5/i7 dual-core Arrandale processors) continues to dominate in terms of raw performance, AMD K10.5-based processors are actually starting to trickle into the market just as they promised at Computex, with AMD-powered notebooks available from every major vendor. Meanwhile, Intel has quietly refreshed its mobile line and added some low-voltage kit. It’s an interesting market full of sort-of-competition and it isn’t at all unlike the desktop processor and graphics markets.”

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