As is usual, Intel declined to comment on the information that DigiTimes has uncovered about the plans Intel has for 2011 but don’t let that shake your confidence that DigiTimes is probably right on the money.  The upcoming Waimea Bay platform will consist of a Sandy Bridge E-based processor in conjunction with the Patsburg chipset and will handle the upcoming generation of DDR3 as it will support RAM speeding up to 2666, though it may be a while before we see that RAM.  Bromolow will be giving some love to the server room and the mobility lineup will sport the name Bromolow and all will be using the Sandy Bridge E CPU family.  The first to arrive will be Sugar Bay, sometime around Christmas, so start saving those pennies. 

“As Intel plans to ship its next-generation 6-series chipsets (Cougar Point) in the week 42 of 2010 (October 2010), sources from motherboard makers believe Intel will officially announce its new Sugar Bay desktop platform at CES 2011 in the US, but the makers will start distributing their motherboards to the channel in December of 2010. The initial launch of the Sugar Bay platform will include a Sandy Bridge-based processor, featuring a quad core CPU and integrated GPU; and will be paired with P67 chipset-based motherboards, targeting mainstream markets. The new platform will support the latest Hyper-Threading technology and Intel Advanced Turbo Boost technology.

Intel, at a later time, will continue to launch more Sandy Bridge CPUs with unlocked multipliers and dual-cores.

Meanwhile, Intel will launch the Waimea Bay platform for high-end markets to replace the existing Tylersburg. Waimea Bay consists of a Sandy Bridge E-based processor and motherboard based on Intel’s Patsburg chipset. Sandy Bridge E will feature an integrated memory controller and PCI Express connection, and will support memory up to DDR3 2666.

For the company’s server line, Intel will launch the Bromolow platform, which also adopts Sandy Bridge processors.

Intel in the week 50 of 2010 will start shipping its Huron River platform for notebooks to partners and related products are expected to start appearing in the channel after mid-January 2011. In 2012, Intel will launch 22nm Ivy Bridge processors.

Intel declined the opportunity to respond to this report saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.”

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