At 11″ long, 5″ wide and $1200 in the hole, there are not going to be many that can bring this card home, but those who do are picking up something special. Fitting a pair of HD5870 GPUs running full speed on a single PCB, plus 4GB of GDDR5 and managing to have the card running relatively quiet is quite a feat of engineering.  It does slurp the power though a pair of 8-pin PCIe and an additional 6-pin allow this card to use 100 watts more than the HD 5970 or jsut over 50 watts more than the NVIDIA GTX 480; not too bad considering.  The performance is also incredible, barring a few games that AMD’s drivers do not seem to like yet so you aren’t just buying a piece of impressive tech, you also get killer performance, especially if you have another Evergreen card to help with the work.  Ryan’s newly minted review is right here, so take a close look at this incredible single card graphics solution.

“If you want the fastest single graphics card on the market today, then the ASUS ARES is your one and only option. By combining a pair of TRUE Radeon HD 5870 GPUs with a total of 4GB of GDDR5 memory, ASUS has engineered a graphics card unrivaled anywhere else. The question is whether or not anyone can afford it! If you have $1200 burning a hole in your pocket and you don’t know my address, then line up when they go on sale so you can own a piece of gaming nirvana.”

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