Quick Performance and Battery Testing
To be fair, this quick review of the ASUS N61Jv notebook doesn’t dive as deep into the performance as most of our other mobility product reviews, but I considered this more of an experiential article that in-depth component analysis.  Most of the key features here (Core i5 Arrandale processor, Optimus GPU technology, etc) have been covered in previous notebook review so it is worth checking out that section for that info.

ASUS N61Jv Optimus Core i5 16-in Notebook Review - Mobile  1

Our 3DMark06 testing compares the N61 to the 1201N ION-powered netbook as well as the AMD-based Ferrari One 200 and the first Optimus-enabled notebook we tested, the ASUS UL50.  Obviously the 1201N and the Ferrari One are really in a different class of portable machine and thus the performance results are not that impressive.  Even the UL50 falters way behind the N61Jv with the improved GeForce GT325M with 1GB of memory.

ASUS N61Jv Optimus Core i5 16-in Notebook Review - Mobile  2

For the PCMark Vantage results we pitted the N61 against a different set of machines; these were all from our initial Arrandale review last year but are still relevant for performance comparisons.  While the ASUS N61 does well, the Core i5 CPU falls behind the Core i5 and Core i7-based notebooks.

ASUS N61Jv Optimus Core i5 16-in Notebook Review - Mobile  3

Battery life on the N61Jv is going to let some people down as we only saw 2 hours and 23 minutes of up time during our custom built PCPer Web Browsing Test.  Comparing that to the ASUS Eee 1201N netbook that got 3 hours and 15 minutes we see a 35% boost in the smaller form factor.  Our test is definitely a tougher test on batteries than most, hence the dramatically lower battery results from the stated options. 

In more real world scenarios (which we have later updated our battery testing suite with) it was reasonable for us to get about 4 hours of web browsing and general use.  The N61Jv is not going to be an all day machine but it also doesn’t have to be strictly tethered to the wall like other higher-end gaming machine.

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