In the first part of ExtremeTech’s series on making a Home Music Production machine they covered some of the basics for set up; suggesting an OS and hard drive were two of the main points.  In this second part they assume the machine is built and running but the job is not yet finished as there are several OS tweaks to consider.  The article focuses on Win7 64bit edition and there are several services to turn of as well as some suggestions on where to get your audio drivers from.  If you are considering using a PC to enhance the music and content you create then this article is well worth the time it will take you to read.

“In the first part of this series, I discussed some basic guidelines for putting together a proper custom PC system for digital audio recording. This time, we’ll dive into some specific OS-related tweaks. Fortunately, Windows 7 is easily good enough to banish outdated bad memories about Vista. It’s also much slicker and easier to set up than a Windows XP machine.”

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