The new 6 core Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Processor is the current king of computational power and one that comes with a cost of more than just money, you also have a lot of heat to dump.  X-bit Labs grabbed an even half dozen of the best coolers they could find to see how well they can deal with Intel’s Extreme Heat, compared to the stock fan supplied in the retail box.  There are quiet a few results to go through as they added a Thermalright TR-FDB fan at two different speeds in addition to using the stock fans for the various coolers.  Check out their results here.

“We have just got a new processor in, which runs faster, overclocks better and as a result, heats more. Its overclocking success is even more dependent on the efficiency of the utilized cooling solution. We believe it is a great opportunity to check out the performance of four new coolers and compare them against two old ones in new testing conditions.”

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