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Final Thoughts

CoolIt Systems ECO A.L.C. Water Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 34

The performance results we recorded for the ECO A.L.C. were not as good as we would have liked to see from a liquid-cooling setup. There were a couple factors that could have contributed to these results like the pre-applied thermal paste instead of the Arctic Silver 5 we used with the Corsair H50. But, compared to the other CPU cooling systems, it was pretty much on par with the performance they provided as well.

However, for around the same price you’d pay for a higher-end air-cooled heatsink, the Coolit Systems ECO A.L.C. is a great solution for PC enthusiasts who want to enjoy all the benefits a self-contained liquid CPU cooler has to offer. Not only do users get high performance cooling, but the silent operation and maintenance-free design also makes the ECO A.L.C. one of the best upgrades novice and mainstream users can make to help increase the longevity of their CPUs. It also can help users achieve higher overclocks, which helps budget builders turn mid-range processors into high-end performers.



As of July 8th, the Coolit Systems ECO A.L.C. liquid cooler was available at for $68.99 ($58 after rebate!) before shipping. We also found this product at for $74.86 with free shipping and Tiger Direct for $74.99.



CoolIt Systems ECO A.L.C. Water Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 35

We’d like to thank Coolit Systems for providing the ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling water cooler for our review today. The overall construction, size, performance, and price point really make the ECO A.L.C. a steal at $74, especially when many high-end, air-cooled heatsinks are priced between $60 and $80 and provide similar performance results. The two-year warranty and maintenance-free design cannot be overstated because one of the biggest cons of putting together your own water cooling setup is periodic maintenance and potential leaks in the system. This is why so many users didn’t make the jump to liquid cooling earlier and stuck with copper and aluminum heatsinks. Hopefully, self-contained liquid cooling systems will continue to find their ways into mainstream PCs because they truly provide better cooling with near-silent operation and the ECO A.L.C. is one liquid cooler that any PC user can install, use, and see results in any of their mid-tower and even small form factor systems.


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