The CoolIT ECO C240 is similar to the other self contained liquid based CPU coolers, what CoolIT has done differently is offer more surface area for cooling and tried to make it the easiest of the bunch to install.  The radiator sports a pair of 120mm fans, so those hoping to mount it within their case had better ensure they have the space, otherwise those watercooling grommets are going to be needed.  [H]ard|OCP had no trouble installing the waterblock and did choose a case almost big enough to contain the radiator but once the testing started the were a little disappointed by the performance as CoolIT is charging a pretty penny for this cooler.  Still, as far as hassle free cooling goes, this is not a bad choice.
“Other companies made the closed loop self contained CPU water cooler famous. CoolIT Systems intends to make it one of the easiest to install and best optimized and efficient liquid cooling systems around. The ECO C240 doubles up on cooling surface area. Does CoolIT hit its mark?”

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