We have seen external GPU solutions for laptops, like the MSI GUS, that allow laptops to have the graphical power to play Blu-ray at full definition with no choppiness and even give a boost to your gaming experience.  We’ve also recently seen what Jon called WiDi from Intel, a technology allowing you to stream video and audio from a PC to a TV wirelessly, though there are a few bug to work out there still.  Now, The Tech Report has heard of a new wireless graphics technology from Atheros and Wilocity, a 60GHz wireless PCIe connection.  They have not limited this connection to graphics, the DockingZone will accept any PCIe compatible device and it sends the data in such a way that the OS is unaware that the connection is wireless.  Currently they are rated at a 5Gbps speed but expect that to quickly jump to 7Gbs, so think 10x to 14x speeds, not bad at all for wireless.

“Exciting things are afoot in wireless networking. Based on the work of the WiGig Alliance, Atheros and Wilocity plan to make devices that use 60GHz wireless technology not just for ultra-high-speed networking, but also for wireless PCI Express connectivity. Possible applications include, believe it or not, external graphics processors connected wirelessly to the host PC.”

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