Other World Computing, aka OWC, has been a major supplier of components for Apple and they are branching out with their new Mercury Extreme Pro 120GB SSD.  Using the Sandforce SF-1222 controller which implies a certain level of performance, the drive retails for ~$320 putting it at a reasonable price point for an SSD of that size.  There is a slight downside unfortunately as Hardware Canucks discovered during their testing to do with the new Sandforce firmware.  While the performance was not bad, per se, but it constantly finished at the bottom of the group of Sandforce drives they testedso it seems that this new firmware is not a huge step forward but it is not a step back by any means either.

“Having cut their teeth with the Apple crowd, OWC isn’t a company that is well known to most PC users. However, with the Mercury Extreme Pro series of SandForce-based SSDs, they’re trying to break into the enthusiast PC market in a big way. In this review we look at the 120GB version to see if it measures up to the competition.”

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