While you can get lost in the complexities of the tech world, especially if you listen to the PC Perspective Podcast, but on the forums you will be welcomed be you totally new to the wide weird and wonderful world of PCs or a seasoned old salt.  A basic question about the fundamentals of networking will never bring a demeaning reply, instead at least one of our members will take you through the steps required to fix your problem.  If you have been lurking in the forums or even just reading the front page articles, know that you will be welcomed in the forums, especially if you hang out in some of the more social forums like the Distributed Computing forums or drop by the Fragging Frogsfor some gaming action

If you are looking for more technical posts, not to worry.  For instance a forum member has posted a very comprehensive thread about the new unlockable Intel i7-875K and what it is capable of.  You can get see what kind of success people in the Graphics Forum have had with enabling PhysX on a second nVIDIA GPU or get a grip on the pins needed to pass through audio on the S/PDIF on a XI-Fi audio card.  The Storage forum currently has a discussion about partition efficiency for those with a new HDD to set up or you can drop by the Windows Forum to read about a partition gone bad and the attempts to rehabilitate it back into a productive member of society

If that doesn’t do it for you then why not get into a heated debate at The Lighting Round, blow off some steam in the Off Topic Forum or even just barter for new parts at The Trading Post