While MSI’s 3D notebook is rather interesting for those who want to game and watch movies, there are many who are looking for a notebook with a little difference focus.  Intel has been trying to fill that niche with their CULV platform and they have recently refreshed their offerings in hopes of tempting a few more consumers.  SemiAccurate has a breakdown of the various Arrandale powered CULVs, ranging from a rather small, Celeron U3400 powered CULV up to larger Core i7 powered models.  Check out the full lineup here.
“YOU’VE BEEN waiting for a more powerful replacement of Intel’s CULV platform, then you’ll be glad to know that its partners have started to launch Core i UM based notebooks en masse. This is a couple of months later than expected and we wrote a little piece about this before Computex. Various markets seem to be getting models from different manufacturers at the moment, although this is most likely a business strategy more than a supply issue.”

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