It looks like AMD was trying to get an idea of how their new chips will work by running a little bit of distributed computing and someone noticed.  BOINC does only measure two types of performance in their benchmark, floating point and integer speeds but that is still enough to tell us about the performance of the chips.  The Ontario core hit 1,300+ million ops/s on with its floating point performance and just over 3,000 million ops/s in integer speeds, which puts it above the Atom at 871 million ops/sec for floating point and 2,249 integer.  SemiAccurate does express concerns about the Llano core as it only managed 1,196 million ops/sec and an integer performance of 3,711 million ops/sec.

“WE’RE STILL AT least a couple of months away from AMD’s Ontario announcement and even longer from Llano, but some very early performance figures have tipped up online courtesy of, well, distributed computing. To be more precise details of various distributed computing apps being tested on AMD Llano and Ontario systems have appeared on BOINC or the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing if you prefer.”

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