For $112 the MSI H55M-ED55 offers a board with the H55 chipsets integrated graphics which will have you playing HD movies without an issue, or the need to invest in a graphics card.  Even nicer is the fact that this board, which was obviously intended as a basis for an HTPC also gives you the ability to do some mild overclocking.  Steve was quite happy with the results he saw when writing his full review and was quite happy about everything he saw; he would have like RAID support and USB 3.0 added on though.

“The H55M-ED55 is a great example of their commitment to quality boards that are geared toward overclockers and gamers. We saw good performance results in both of these categories during testing and were impressed with how flexibilty and feature rich the BIOS was. The only complaints we could make about it would be the lack of USB 3.0/SATA3.0 support, but most boards at this price point and class do not have these features standard. The OC Genie button was a great addition and should be used frequently by novice PC builders looking to squeeze a few more megahertz from their Intel processors.”

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