The Westmere-EP is a 32nm process and it’s current representative is the Xeon 5680, a 6 core 3.33GHz CPU though it will hit 3.6GHz via Intel’s TurboBoost technology.  If you want a dual CPU PC then the Xeon family is currently the way to go, though you might not choose to use the board that The Tech Report did.  The focus of TR’s review was not the ultimate in high end machines, instead they chose to test it using low power components as it would have in a server role, though they did go all out and use an SDD for storage.  Drop by to see just how well this new CPU will fit into its role in server rooms, especially considering it can be a drop-in upgrade from a 5500 series Xeon.

“Intel’s new Xeons promise two more cores per socket at the same clock speed and power envelope. How good are they? We collected a host of systems in Damage Labs to find out.”

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