Nowadays, in order to make a platform game difficult the programmers give your opponents ridiculously good aim, or have inconvenient respawn points, bosses you have to kill multiple times and many other things that feel more like an AI cheat than pure unbridled hatred.  The original Ninjagaiden was evil, it did not want you to win and would go out of its way to try to get you to launch your controller at the TV.  If you miss those days then Demon’s Souls might be right up your alley.  Just about everything can kill you in a maximum of two hits and death is a bad thing.  Not only do you go back to the start of the level, all of your collected souls that represent the economy of this game are lost and unless you make it back to where you died in one shot they are gone forever.  If that isn’t enough, in the online mode there are other players who can and will find you and kill you for your souls.  If you still think this sounds interesting then The Register can fill you in on the rest.

“A stern test of skill and a must have for anyone keen on the RPG genre.”

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