There are a wide variety of questions in the Tech Talk Forum, especially now that the Webmastering forum has been merged into it.  You can find questions and recommendations on system builds, printer choices and choice software but a request for viruses is always going to have a mixed reception.  For more targeted information you can check out the various other Forums, for instance if you feel that your router is holding back your network speeds you can post your question in the Tech Talk Forum but your chances for an indepth answer improve greatly if you head to our Networking Forum.  The Graphics Forum will help you with esoteric graphics issues, like streaming audio over HDMI on an AGP graphics card though once you hit the Off Topic Forum all bets are off. 

The members of the PC Perspective Forum will be glad to help you whichever sub-forum you do ask your question in but many members frequent the subforum they are most interested and knowledgeable in so by trying to pick specific sub-forums will net you quicker and more insightful answers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more passive way to absorb all of the latest and greatest tech news and find out which of your hosts have already been playing StarCraft II then look no further that this weeks Podcast, brought to you by the number 115.