The $79 WarMouse Meta is not just a mouse with a high DPI, it sports a joystick and 19 buttons.  The familiar two buttons that are present on any modern mouse have been replaced by 9 buttons on each side offering some serious button power for those willing to learn to use it.  Each and every button can be programmed as a mouse button itself, a key stroke or a held keypress, a macro, a combo or a special command.  Drop by ExtremeTech to find out exactly what all that means.

“The relationship between the keyboard and the mouse has long been a rocky one, especially where PC gaming is concerned. One is loaded with buttons but offers no fine- tuned movement control; the other gives you near-complete freedom of movement, but few interaction options. It’s been essentially impossible to play any but the simplest of games with only one or the other. But that could soon change thanks to the new WarMouse Meta ($79 list), a gaming mouse for Windows, Mac, and Linux that’s loaded with 19 buttons—and a joystick. If this doesn’t cure your button-hunger, nothing will.”

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