As Josh rightly pointed out in this weeks Tech Dirt, AMD been digging around in people’s pockets for every available penny they can get any time they so much as looked at purchasing a GPU from them.  nVIDIA seems poised to change that, so we will see if the Radeons can get back down to at least their MRSP.  The same cannot be said on the CPU side, as they continue to offer a range of fairly inexpensive processors at several levels of performance.  Two examples are the Regor based Athlon II x2 260 at $79 and the $70 X2 255, either of which are a great way to start an inexpensive system … if you don’t want to gamble on unlocking the cores of a Phenom II for an extra $10.   Drop by Techware Labs to see them in action.

“Dual core chips still have a place in the PC market place. Whether you need something for your HTPC or a new chip for mom, dual cores provide an affordable way to get performance. Join us as we take a look at AMD’s latest offering the Athlon II 255 and 260.”

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