At a recent trip to the movies, it occurred to The Tech Report that something was amiss in the value they received for their money at the theatre.  The movie in question was the new 3D version of Toy Story 3, which they hoped would be a great chance for Pixar to show off the evolution of 3D in the theatre.  Unfortunately while the extra dimension did not detract from the experience it also did not add much either.  As they dropped $30 for a pair of tickets and just over an hour of entertainment, TR couldn’t help but compare that to how long a $40-$50 game lasts; in 3D or not.

“In his latest blog post, TR’s Cyril Kowaliski complains that stereoscopic 3D still doesn’t add much to the movie-going experience. He goes on to compare the amount of entertainment offered by a $15 movie ticket and a $40 PC game.”

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