As wonderful as the performance of the GTX480 is, the ability to power them has become somewhat of a running gag on online review sites.  A recent review by Lee offers a solution to the power concerns that doesn’t involve building your own pebble bed nuclear reactor.  His solution is the Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply which not only provides huge amounts of power but does so with an 80+ Gold rating, the highest available.  As well, no matter how much load he placed on it the PFC sat at or near 1.00 and there was barely a ripple on any of the lines.  This is a must for anyone considering a system that requires 1200W of power.

“Corsair is well known for producing some of the best PC power supplies on the market today and the AX1200 continues that trend. The Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 power supply delivers clean DC outputs, with excellent efficiency and good voltage regulation. Under normal operating conditions (below 600W load) the AX1200 is relatively quiet. The AX1200 comes with an excellent assortment of all-modular cables that can support the latest CPUs and multiple, high-end video cards. And let’s not forget active PFC, universal AC input and Corsair’s 7-year warranty! “”

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