At just $10, Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent isn’t much of an investment and it is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who likes point and click puzzle games.  The hook is the storyline that you follow and the characters that you will be clicking on, this type of game really allows dialogue to come through in a way unique to this genre.  From the reaction Ars Technica had to the game it might not be perfectly appropriate to play with young offspring it will at least keep the adults amused for comparatively little money.

“With the success of its numerous episodic point-and-and click adventure games, Telltale has painted itself into a box. Although the games are nearly always enjoyable, they’re also predictable.

So the studio can be forgiven for wanting to change up the formula a bit. And while Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent might not be the most imaginative title in terms of how it plays, it at least provides a wonderful sense of style and atmosphere.”

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