Spore is trying to evolve and take out the competition in a bid to become the dominant game on this planet.  We have seen mutations like the online creature builder that have tried to entice gamers into the Spore realm, an iPhone app emulates the beginning stages of the game and there is even a mutation that has spread to the Wii and DS.  Now we will be witness to a new PC/Mac game called DarkSpore which will be online and play very differently than the other games.  Ars Technica had it described to them in terms of playing a mutated beast that wanders around sticking random body parts and armour onto its self.  Drop by for more info.

If you are currently counting the minutes until July 27th and couldn’t care less about other lesser game sequels, Ryan recently published an article covering the performance you can expect once you can finally play.

“Electronic Arts seems to be making good on its plan to turn Spore into a spinoff-heavy franchise, with games like Spore Origins on the iPhone and Spore Hero on Wii and DS. Now the company has revealed that the series will be making a return to the PC and Mac with Darkspore.”

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