With a name like the BlackHawk Color, you can be forgiven if you find yourself shocked that the case is not done up in the colors of a team that did quite well for themselves for the first time in 49 years.  That aside, what you do get is an array of LED lights that can shine in 256 different colors, either shifting through them in a pattern or remaining constant.  Power buttons, USB ports and fan controls have been moved to the top of the case for easy access leaving the front panel rather clean.  The case is 210mm deep leaving room for most coolers, although the 250mm fan on the case side does shave a few millimetres off of the total depth.  Drop by TweakTown for a look.
“The new version of this chassis is named the XClio Color, and rightly so. There is an innovative fan lighting system that gives you not only sectional control like the original, but can rotate through 256 colors, and be stopped to keep any of those 256 colors that you like the best. There is also an addition of a front door now to replace the little clips that held in the fans previously. This time around the door opens to allow access to the drives and the fans for maintenance. I’ve said this many times, I love it when a case is black inside and out, and XClio stepped up to give us just that as well.””

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