The smaller but spunky spunky sidekick to Intel’s Pentium may finally get the axe. According to a DigiTimes report, Intel will begin slowing production of the processor and finally ceasing new Celeron branded CPUs in 2011.

Originally released back in 1998 and based on the Pentium II core, it’s a wonder that the Celeron line has lasted so long in light of the much more popular and similarly priced Atom.

The upcoming Celeron P4600 and dual-core Atom N550 are both priced at $86 each (in 1000 unit trays) which further complicates product lines for system builders.

The Celeron is Dead. Long Live the Celeron! - Mobile 2

In my opinion, the end of the Celeron couldn’t come soon enough. With the high-profile Atom and low priced Core i3 processors, the Celeron was finding itself overshadowed and often confused in the minds of consumers.