Even setting aside the wide variety of overclocked versions of the GTX 460 there is still a choice between two models, a 768MB version that is pegged for $199 and a 1GB model that should sell around $229, which NewEgg more or less does seem to be offering them at.  Other than the amount of memory both cards have the same specs, a GPU clocked at 675MHz, CUDA cores at 1.35GHz, and the memory at 3.6GHz. For [H]ard|OCP’s testing they pulled out the Radeon HD 5830 as it is available at roughly the same price and compared the performance in various games, both at stock speeds as well as at the rather impressive overclocks that this series of card is able to hit.

You can see Ryan’s take on this card in his full review, including an attempt to show how well optimized the various games are for utilizing CUDA cores.

“Today NVIDIA is answering the demands of money conscious gamers by introducing the new GeForce GTX 460. The GTX 460 is a refinement of the Fermi architecture, designed to land significant performance improvements for gamers resting in the $200 USD sweet spot. We will find out if this truly does deliver gaming bliss on the cheap and why NVIDIA is calling the GTX 460 an ‘Overclocker’s Dream.'”

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