One of the more active forums this week has been the Storage Forum, with a variety of questions and observations appearing over the past few days.  Obviously there is talk about SSDs, and a forum member recently picked up a rather nice drive and wanted to share their joy but there is also someone who is a little disappointed.  It seems that the our recent review of the RevoDrive was a little optimistic about how soon these drives would become available.  They are now available but the already high MRSP is lower than what the drives are currently selling for, by quite a large margin so you just might want to hold off for a bit. 

The gang over in out Linux forum is also busy as Ubuntu 10.04 is out and to the happy surprise of many it comes with WINE already included very handy for those who haven’t set up a dual boot with Windows.   If you are more of a Windows user because it makes it easier to support your gaming habit then Ryan would like to help enable your addiction.  You see, he is giving away free copies of Just Cause 2, just snap a picture of your current system and post it in this thread for a chance at a Steam key.

There are some changes ahead as well, Joe is doing some restructuring to the forums over the coming few weeks and the first target is the Distributed Computing Forum.  The changes go live on Sunday so it offers you a perfect chance to drop by and see why our PC Perspective DC team members have so much fun and maybe you will even find a good project to adopt.  Don’t miss itDon’t miss our newest PC Perspective Podcast either, #113 is much better than last weeks since we all connected at reasonable resolutions!