[H]ard|OCP but the claimed Crossfire improvements of the Catalyst 10.8 release to the test in their latest article. The two games that were singled out as improved by AMD were Aliens vs. Predator and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 so of course [H] had to test them.  Believe it or not, [H] saw a 70% improvement from AvP just from updating the driver and a 44% jump from Bad Company.  If you are a fan of those games and use multiple GPUs then get updating!

“CrossFireX gets a performance boost in two games thanks to a new CrossFireX Application Profile update. Performance in Aliens vs. Predators and Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been greatly improved, finally. CFX users will want to make sure to check this out. We will have the new CAP file hosted here locally for our readers.”

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