Sharkoon has been heard from before but certainly not as a supplier of mice and QPad tends to focus more on mouse pads than the actual mice themselves.  That hasn’t stopped either company as you can now purchase a QPad K5 or a Sharkoon FireGlider.  Both have high DPI settings, the QPad with a higher top end than the Sharkoon though the Sharkoon is a litte nicer to look at with the pattern they’ve decorated it with. Drop by Funky Kit for a look at both mice.

“This week we take a look at two laser gaming mice … one from QPad 5K and the other from Sharkoon. Both of these mice look very professional and offer high DPI customisation, as well as programmable buttons. It will be interesting to see how it performs in our tests. It’s the battle of the mice … QPad K5 vs Sharkoon FireGlider. Who will come out on top? Read on and find out.”

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