In the market recently focusing on 1000W+ PSUs a 400W PSU seems incredibly low powered but there are far more systems that would be happy with a 400W PSU than systems needing a kilowatt of power.  Seasonic has a new member to their X-Series, the X-400FL Silent PSU which as it does not have a fan does not make much noise at all.  [H]ard|OCP put it through their torture tests and were quite impressed with the quality of the power provided, there is no need to worry that this PSU is underpowered as it delivers the power advertised and sits at the top of its class.

“Seasonic, long known for making excellent power supply units has gone silent. Not just quiet, silent. It’s new 400 watt unit comes to the consumer complete with no fan. Now let’s see if the new silent Seasonic is worth your hard earned cash.”

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