It is a very good thing that as PCs demand more and more power and PSUs over 800W become more common that there is a focus on making these PSUs as efficient as possible.  The amount of power that a PSU of that class draws can add up to a fair amount of money over the year in utility bills and having a PSU that uses 90% of the power it draws at least means most of your money is actually ending up as useful energy.  The Cooler Master Silent PRO Gold 800W PSU hits that efficiency mark with its 80+ Gold rating and InsideHW also liked the attempt by Cooler Master to reduce vibration and keep the airflow sufficient to cool the PSU.
“The need for PSUs who can offer quiet work alongside more power and efficiency is ever-increasing. This trend has been spotted by numerous manufacturers, who have recently presented the market with their own visions of quiet PSUs. Cooler Master can’t be an exception, of course, so they decided to present, besides the already available and well-known Silent PRO series, the Silent PRO Gold series. The new series encompasses PSUs from 600 to 1200 W of power, so that most users be able to pick the appropriate model for them with ease. The model we’ve tested was the golden middle – pun intended – with an 800 W sticker on the case…”

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