Bulldozer and Bobcat are not that far away and to help us prepare AMD has released information on the two architectures.  They both share a design that focuses on modularity, with cores able to be added or subtracted in pairs with no mention of a single core CPU for either.  Bobcat will be the low powered version, poised to take on the niche that the Atom has carved out for its self and with Bobcats ability to run out of order instructions it stands a good chance of beating Intel’s offering.  Bulldozer will be for the full systems and sports a number of very interesting features, some of which you can see on the slides posted by [H]ard|OCP here.

You can also read Josh’s deep look into AMD’s new architectures in our coverage of the new chips.

“AMD is starting to talk about its new Bulldozer and Bobcat processors. Today we have some notes on the new processors that will interest you as well as give you a peek under the heatspreader. Not a full blown look, but just a glimpse of what is to come, hopefully.”

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