Here at PC Perspective we have often recommended and BIOS Saviour as the two main ways to recover from a bad BIOS flash.  It is easy to tell if you have done a bad BIOS flash as the component you’ve just updated has become about as useful as a brick, albeit a brittle one.  Some motherboards have incorporated features to prevent such disasters from occurring but it is always nice to have alternatives.  Thanks to a project featured over at MAKE:Blog we now have a new alternative from openbiosprog.spi.  It is a USB-based Serial Peripheral Interface chip programmer, aka your BIOS chip and it should allow you to reflash that chip back to life!

“you’ve ever bricked the BIOS on your PC, then you might appreciate the Openbiosprog-spi project by Uwe Hermann. It is designed to be able to reprogram any flash memory that uses the serial peripheral interconnect bus (SPI), which could come in handy if you need to restore a botched firmware upgrade.”

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