A Notebook Cooler for Everyone

Heat is the enemy of all electronics, and cooling a notebook properly can be a challenge. To help prolong the life of your investment, Antec has two super quiet coolers, and one passive notebook stand that help promote better airflow. Is this one insurance policy you can’t afford to pass up?
The chances are if you’re reading PC Perspective, you’re interested in computer technology and make purchasing decisions for yourself and others. Heat, as we all know, is the enemy of electronics and getting hot stagnant air away from sensitive components is the best way to ensuring that your hardware does not die prematurely. For notebooks, are particularly prone to overheating because of the limited space for proper ventilation, small fans that move very little air, and improper positioning that causes air vents to be blocked.

If you’re like me, I’m typically the person friends and family turn to when their computer starts acting up. Of all the support calls I’ve had to take over the years, the two most frequent problems I’ve had to deal with are: hard drive failure, and notebooks going bad. The real cause for these issues is heat, and lost drives and burnt out mobile components are just the unfortunate consequences.

Antec Notebook Coolers Triple Treat - Basic, Mini, and Designer Review - Mobile 20
Image Credit: David Baker.
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I’m a big proponent of proper cooling – it doesn’t have to be extreme, just enough to get hot stagnant air away from electronics. Today we are looking at a trio of notebook coolers by Antec – the Basic, the Mini, and the Designer. Each cooler has their own unique design, so choosing which one can be a bit tricky. We are going to put these three coolers through it’s paces and compare it to no cooling at all, and we even compare the coolers to a stack of DVD cases!

Antec Notebook Coolers Triple Treat - Basic, Mini, and Designer Review - Mobile 21

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