According to The Inquirer it is official, the next breed of Apple iMacs and Mac Pros will be using the AMD instead of switching to an nVIDIA Fermi based GPU.  For the Mac Pro the standard will be the HD5770 with an optional upgrade to the HD5870 for those looking for more rendering power.  The iMacs will feature an HD5750 for the largest 27″ model with the smaller versions using the HD5670 or HD4670 in some 22″ models.  Looks like Apple still hasn’t forgiven nVIDIA for Bumpgate.

“SCURRILOUS RUMOURS that Apple was going to shift back to Nvidia’s graphics chips appear to have come to nothing and Jobs’ Mob will be using AMD’s ATI Radeon graphics in its next Macs.

According to AMD, Apple will use ATI Radeons for its next lines of Apple Imac and Mac Pro tower PCs.”

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