Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC7b are noise-cancelling headphones that completely cover your ears and isolate you from all noise apart from what is coming from the headphones.  Though their active noise cancellation is effective, the technology does noticeably add to the final price.  That isn’t all the headphones do well however, [H]ard|OCP finished their review stating “we think that Audio-Technica is doing a great job of it at the $112.94 price point if you are looking for noise cancelling headphones “.  If you have the money to spend, they are well worth the investment.

“Audio-Technica is one of the most respected names in the audiophile world as it applies to the computer user. Head into any forum anywhere where people are talking about headphones or headsets and you are going to find this company’s name. Today we look at its closed back noise-cancelling headphones.”

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