The ION platform has been languishing, partly because the low powered Atom processor is only good for certain tasks as its abilities are limited.  Of course its power draw and heat output are also very low and it could handle streaming video at a high enough quality to attract some users.  Now Zotac is pairing the ION chipset with an Intel CULV processor, which provides more power at the cost of heat and energy costs.  AnandTech examines the changes that this brings to the system and if it can bridge the difference between a full system and an Atom plus ION system.

“Last year one of the most exciting product combinations to grace consumer shelves was the NVIDIA’s ION platform teamed up with an Intel Atom processor. The ultra-low power consumption, low heat output and ability to play HD video better than competing solutions of the time made it a difficult combo to ignore. ZOTAC took full advantage of this and successfully filled a niche demand with a slew of ION based products, offering various levels of plug and play functionality.”

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