Catalyst 10.8 hit the streets today with a number of enhancements such as complete support for OpenGL ES 2.0, tweaked default video settings, AA for StarCraft II and improvements to EyeFinity in a number of games.  You can read about the specifics in the release notes

The Inquirer heard tell of something even more interesting about this driver however, as one site investigated the driver thoroughly enough to notice some new codenames with some interesting suffixes.  The usual XT, PRO and LE are represented, along with LP and GL that could indicate low power and FirePro cards.  Even more interesting is the one labelled Gemini.

“GRAPHICS CHIP DESIGNER AMD has unwittingly revealed the codenames of its upcoming GPU chips by updating its software drivers.

The firm released the latest version of its Catalyst driver suite and issued the usual performance claims along with the news that there is anti-aliasing support in Starcraft II. There’s also OpenGL ES 2 support if that’s your thing but the most interesting of aspect of this release was the confirmation that the company is working on a number of ‘Southern Island’ parts.”

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