New around the pad is the CM Storm Inferno Laser Gaming Mouse a debatably scaled down version of their Sentinel mouse.  Its buttons go all the way to 11, though they are in a rather unique configuration that should be viewed before you rush out to buy this mouth.  It sports CM’s 4000 DPI Storm Tactical Laser Sensor with five different customizable sensitivities and the buttons can be customized in a rather impressive variety of ways.  Head on over to Benchmark Reviews to see for yourself.

“The last few years have brought a few small evolutions to input peripherals. Most of these have been driven by demands for better ergonomics, greater functionality and improved performance. Cooler Master’s CM Storm division is one of a select few who have risen to meet the demand. The newest addition to their line is a laser gaming mouse called the Inferno. Model SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP debuted at CeBit 2010 and is geared for gaming. Many consider the Inferno to be a reduced cost predecessor of the Sentinel, but with the suite of software features and additional buttons it may prove to be a superior replacement. Read on as Benchmark Reviews evaluates the Inferno against the competition.”

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