The focus on Corsairs cooling kit has been the recently released H70 as well as the previous H50, both self contained watercooling solutions; this has left their A series languishing in relative obscurity.  Legit Reviews looks to repair that with their comprehensive review of the A70 dual 120mm fan heatsink.   At $65 it sits in the midrange in terms of cost for a high end cooler, at 159.5 x 124.6 x 129mm it certainly isn’t small.  Drop by Legit Reviews to see how it performs.

“Whether you are new to PCs or an enthusiast, when you hear the name Corsair your mind most likely jumps straight to RAM. However, Corsair has been branching out over the last couple of years into more than RAM. Now they have power supplies, USB drives, SSDs, cases, water cooling kits and now, air coolers. The coolers are the A50 and A70, and today we will be looking at the A70. The A70 is a dual 120mm fan Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) 4 heat pipe tower cooler. The A70 will mount up to all the Intel LGA sockets and the AMD AM2/AM3 sockets. The A70 is a twin fan cooler and Corsair provides two 120mm fans for a push/pull configuration. Each of the fans is rated at 61.2 CFM at 2000 RPM and run at 31.5 dBA. They can also be restricted with inline power resistors to make them run at 50.35 CFM at 1600 RPM and 26dBA each. So the cooler can be quieted down if needed…”

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