Overclocking Results

So far, this $65 board has faired pretty well against other H55 micro ATX motherboards that are about $20-$30 higher in price. The final test for this board is to see how it handles overclocking and voltage mods. We’ll be testing to see if we can break the 4GHz barrier on our Intel i7-860 2.8GHz processor. To do this, we will be increasing the base clock and doing some like CPU and RAM voltage/frequency mods to see how well this board handles moderate overclocking techniques.

We initially started manually adjusting the CPU base clock and voltages through the BIOS. After flashing the BIOS to v1.0 (5/19/2010), we started to work on increasing the base clock by 1-5MHz increments. After reaching over 210MHz, we began to see instability issues so we had to decrease the BCLK to around 202MHz before we saw more stability from the H55H-M. We were going to start increasing the CPU voltage, but we were already around 4GHz, which was our goal for the overclocking portion of this review.

See below for all of our BIOS settings and Cinebench screenshots detailing how we successfully overclocking the H55H-M to 4Ghz.


ECS H55H-M LGA 1156 mATX Motherboard Review - Intel on a budget - Motherboards 62
This screenshot was taken when we achieved a 4GHz overclock by manually adjusting the CPU settings in the BIOS. 

CPU Speed BCLK CPU Multiplier DMI DRAM Frequency DRAM Timings CPU Voltage Temp (Idle) Temp (Load)
4GHz 200MHz


3609MHz 1200 MHz 7-7-7-20 1T 1.304v 34c, 35c, 36c, 35c 
69c, 74, 69c, 74c

Overclocking Results


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