32 cores and 64 threads equals an incredible amount of processing power but it comes at a high cost.  A basic Dell server using X5670’s will run you about $9000 and a higher end model using X7550’s can be as much as $32,000.  These servers are not intended for home use and really are not optimized to give great gaming by dropping in a high end GPU or four; in the data centre they do represent the current pinnacle of power.  Part of AnandTech’s review deals with the challenge of designing a way to actually test these beasts and max out there computational potential, using scenarios that would be found in business applications as these servers are intended to be used.  Follow the link to see 32 cores running at 100% load but be prepared to never look at your own Task Manager in the same way again.
“Lots of people base their server form factor choice on what they are used to buying. Critical database applications equal a high-end server. Less critical applications: midrange server. High-end machines used to find a home at larger companies and cheaper servers would typically be attractive to SMEs. I am oversimplifying but those are the clichés that pop up when you speak of server choices.”

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