HIS’ new Silent series has three new members, two HD 5550s in 512MB and 1GB versions and an HD 5570.  Card of that particular series are a little less powerful than what a gamer desires, but there silence along with the size and output capabilities make them desirable for HTPC usage.  The 1GB HD 5550 is a little different from its brothers being a half height card and using DDR2 or GDDR3 running at a lower speed, allowing the card to use 9W idle and 27W on loadthe lowest in SPCR’s testing.  Overall the temperatures ended a little above what SPCR would like, even on a silent card but they certainly did the job.

“The HIS HD 5550/5570 are a trio of budget graphics cards that have good potential for silent cooling. Though not great for 3D performance, they are energy efficient and they are all equipped with fanless heatsinks.”

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