It might historically have been the sole feeding grounds of IBM and then Lenovo but that hasn’t stopped HP from making incursions into the providing office and mobile professionals with their own line of notebooks.  The new HP ProBook 6540b is a 16″ laptop with a dual core i5 430M @ 2.26 GHz, 2GB DDR3, a 320GB HDD and Intel’s GMA HD driving the 15.6″, 1366×768 display.  There is a long list of connectors on this laptop, including DisplayPort which seems to be substituting for HDMI.  It is fairly heavy and the battery life is not terribly long, neither of which is a disadvantage for a laptop destined to be sitting on a desktop most of its life.  Drop by InsideHW for the full scoop.

“HP’s ProBook series has imposed itself a great deal to business users and put potential buyers in a difficult position, having to make their pick among many options. HP has invested a lot in this segment, and good results were consequential. The popularity of ProBook worldwide is noticeable, and new models seem to keep pouring in. HP ProBook 6540b is a strictly business machine which performs all given tasks without compromise. We will underline the price of this model at the very beginning, going around 900€ ($1158-ish), since this is, after all, the basic information needed to rate and give an opinion of any notebook model…”

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