There are more than a few decades of cumulative knowledge available to our members in the PC Perspective Forums, so if you have a general question, such as a query about the quality of a certain brand of GPU reseller, the chances are very good you will have a few replies to let you know how well they do their jobs.  More specific questions might take a while but be patient, your chances are good that someone knows.

While you are waiting for that answer to appear on the forums, it would behoove you to consider one of our Distributed Computing teams.  There are two main branches to this, the first being Folding@Home which uses the spare cycles on your CPU or GPU to fold proteins looking for cures to the various cancers that are ubiquitous in modern life.  The second is older and a little scatterbrained at this point, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing or more memorably BOINC.  Originally starting from SETI@Home, looking for intelligent signals from outer space, as well as mapping pulsars, it has grown into a wide variety of projects and is perfectly able to split your computers resources among as many projects as you wish.  The two forums are full of colourful characters to chat with and is one of the most social of the PC Perspective Forums.  Drop by, you’ll have fun and do good at the same time.