It is easy to communicate the idea of file encryption to someone well versed in the world of technology but it can be frustrating to disseminate that type of information to your users, who are the ones who need to do it in the first place.  Computing on Demand thought that it would be a good idea to write an overview of what the encryption choices are today and a quick look at how they work.  If you read through it then you might stand a better chance of communicating how important and relatively easy it is to use to your users, before they lose another laptop, USB disk or removable HDD.

I said might.

“It seems that the world is going crazy; everyone wants everyone else’s information. Some companies are going to great lengths to protect their data. Laptops have gone missing or stolen with tons of important data on them, copy machines have latent images on the hard drives that can contain vital or important private information on them. So what can be done about all this? Some companies, including my own, have started encrypting hard drives. This is nothing new as types of encryption have been around for thousands of years (ever watch an Indiana Jones movie?), but it seems as soon as something makes the news, the purchasing departments or C level staff finally listens to IT.”

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