On the forums one of the most common types of advice you will get is to back up your files, preferably multiple times as losing data is not fun.  There are a variety of ways to do that, from online storage like Carbonite who we talk about on the PC Perspective Podcast at least once an episode, to the variety of ways suggested to this forum user.  The bottom line is that no matter that a hard drive has never died on you in the past, they do all die eventually and it is better for that to be a minor inconvenience than for it to be a major loss.  That assumes of course that your modding job doesn’t interfere with the installation of the HDDs in the first place and once you do get installed it is nice to be able to copy all of your files over

If your PC is running just fine and you are more in the mood to put it to good use, the frogs over in The Pond would love to see you participate in one of our many distributed computing programs and they always have a spot at the bar that you would be welcome to fill.  If you are looking for something a little more antagonistic then perhaps a nice debate at The Lightning Round or even just a little silliness over at the Off Topic forum would be more to your tastes.  Leaving the Trading Post out of your day would be a tragedy as there is plenty of kit to be swapped and the more participants the larger the pool of tradeable hardware.