While not exactly the first virus to hit Android phones as Vodaphone did ship some HTC Magic handsets with one preinstalled, the first trojan targeting Androids has been spotted in the wild.  It is disguised as an innocuous looking media player in .APK format but it is no media player, it is a nasty little Trojan that will start making rather expensive calls using your phone, raising your bill and probably ruining your day … at the very least.  The Inquirer has linked to the Kaspersky Lab report in their article.

Those who have jailbroken their iPads, iPhones and iPod touches and use the Foxit Reader should really look at updating their software as The Register has reported on a vulnerability that applies to those devices if they are in that state.

“RUSSIAN MALWARE SLEUTHS Kaspersky Lab has reported the discovery of an SMS Trojan hitting Android handsets.

Researchers at the firm said that it had discovered the first Trojan SMS for the Android operating system. Called the Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, it has already infected a number of mobile devices, according to Kaspersky.”

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