Now it might seem ambitious to call an empty HTPC case the 1080p but realize that most who buy an empty case are planning on filling it with powerful components that can handle 1080p playback. Both Micro ATX and Mini ITX boards are supported and many will be glad to hear that the case can handle a full sized ATX PSU.  At 17″ x 4″ x 16.3″ it certainly will fit into any home theatre setup and should fit the components you want inside.  Read more at Benchmark Reviews.

“As computers become more commonly included in people’s home entertainment systems, it is only natural that companies like nMedia try to create custom cases to cater to those consumers’ needs. As seen with other cases from nMedia that Benchmark Reviews has tested, such as the 6000B HTPC Case, nMedia is no stranger to multimedia and HTPC case design. nMedia has given Benchmark Review a chance to look at their latest in their HTPC case line, the HTPC 1080p Micro ATX Chassis. Mentioning a low-profile design, dual 80mm silent fans, all-in-one front I/O panel, and an optional LCD Panel would only begin to highlight the features of the HTPC 1080p. Please join Benchmark Reviews and read the full article as we fully explore what nMedia has to offer with the HTPC 1080p.”

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