The Inquirer spotted a French website, fired up their translator and stumbled upon what could be a leaked roadmap from Intel describing their SandyBridge plans for 2011.  With 19 models this lineup will have quite a bit of variety to it, with dual and quad core models being released.  For now the naming scheme remains the same with i7 and i5 filling the top roles and sporting Turboboost and the i3 models lacking that feature and coming only in dual core parts.  Even the mobility lineup is named in this leak, which is well worth checking out even if we are not positive it is 100% correct.

“CHIPMAKER Intel has not confirmed reports that it will release nineteen Sandy Bridge processors next year, but the evidence does look pretty compelling.

The French site is ‘certain’ that the firm will release the processors early next year, and even added details such as the fact what nine will have ‘four hearts’ and four will have ‘two hearts’. Here though, we suspect that something might have been lost in translation.”

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